Root Chakra

Activate your root chakra

Chakras are the energy centres in our body. There are a total of seven of them, which can be found along our spine. Yoga helps us to get the energy in our chakras flowing (again). As each chakra is symbolic of an area of life, it reflects the lightness or heaviness in our relationships and everyday life. On the basis of our perception and experiences we can draw conclusions about where we have energetic blocks and where to start with our yoga practice.

The first chakra

he very first and lowermost chakra is the root chakra, also called Muladhara chakra in Sanskrit, where Mula stands for the root and Adhara for the foundation. In our body it is located in the area of the pelvic floor at the lower end of the spine. It symbolises our primal trust and the self-assurance with which we go through life. When our root chakra is in balance, we feel grounded and trust the flow of life. Fears and worries are signs that it is out of balance. Read on to learn how to activate your root chakra.
Yogini wears a root chakra red outfit by Mandala
Yogini wears a root chakra red yoga bra and legging by Mandala
Alice Maisetti wears a white yoga bra and root chakra red legging by von Mandala

Activating yoga exercises

Your connection to yourself is based on a solid foundation. Standing yoga postures, such as the tree, the triangle and the warrior, help you to feel the healing connection with the earth. Forward bends and spinal twists are also useful to increase your Muladhara energy. In addition, all exercises aimed at the feet, knees, legs, pelvis and sacrum or tailbone are also helpful. Finally, the deep relaxation at the end of your yoga class has its beneficial effect, too. This is how you bring your root chakra back into balance.
Alice Maisetti wears a root chakra red yoga body by Mandala
Alice Maisetti does dancer's pose
Alice Maisetti does tree pose variation

Movement, breathing and attention are key to healing blocks in your chakras. Observe yourself attentively and you will recognise which situations create tension in you. Start today to turn inwards and look inside yourself. Instead of searching outside, find the security and confidence within you.