Dariadaria about mindfulness


    The love for our fellow human beings and for nature is the energy that drives us. With our work we want to take full responsibility for ourselves, for others and for the planet. Living responsibly means living mindfully. Mindfulness is the awake state in which we make conscious decisions. For us this means choosing our materials and manufacturing processes as sustainably as possible, keeping the supply chain as transparent as possible and ensuring that every employee is treated as fairly as possible. Find out more about mindfulness at MANDALA in the following.

    Mindfulness means being aware of our feelings, our thoughts and the world around us. The mindfulness training always reminds us of what really matters. In a state of mindfulness, we can make effective decisions, take actions and change things which we believe should be improved. For a long time, a respectful treatment of people and nature was not a standard in the fashion industry. At MANDALA, people and nature are at the heart of everything we do. True to the mantra "Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu", we are committed to ensuring that all living beings are happy and free. What this means in practice can be read next.

    Dariadaria in a sustainably manufactured Yoga Body by MANDALA

    More humanity and fairness

    Our clothing is produced under appropriate working conditions. Respectful treatmentfair payment and social security are fundamental for us. We are against the exploitation of workers. The independence of women, who are mainly involved in the production of garments, is important to us. We regularly review our standards and pay attention to what is close to our hearts: fair fashion quality for the wearer and all those involved. Find out more here.

    A loving approach to animals

    The animal welfare organisation PETA has awarded us the Approved Vegan Label. Not without reason, because the welfare of the animals is of great concern to us. We produce our fashion without animal tests or ingredients. Read more here.

    Dariadaria wears sustainable yoga fashion by MANDALA

    Dariadaria wears an ecological Yoga Body by MANDALA

    Recycling and protection of resources

    We avoid plastic packaging and use FSC-certified natural paper, silk paper and recycled cardboard. Furthermore, we only produce on demand and avoid overproduction.

    Our materials are produced according to ecological guidelines and without chemical additives. We rely on renewable raw materials such as Organic Cotton and Tencel and recycled materials such as Recycled Polyester. You can learn more about this here.

    A conscious and respectful approach to our world is a heart and soul matter for us. According to DARIADARIA, it takes courage to open up the heart and be strong and soft at the same time. We also need courage to give more to others and stand up for more justice. Use your yoga and mindfulness practice to find out what matters to your heart. Be courageous and stand up for it.