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Yoga at Home with Mady Morrisonand Sinah Diepold

Practice Yoga at Home

Yoga at home not only keeps you fit, it also strengthens your immune system and contributes to your mental and physical well-being. You don't need a lot of space to practice Yoga at home. A non-slip Yoga mat or carpet as well as comfortable clothes will do for daily practicing Yoga at home. In case you should need inspiration or instructions, you can find numerous Yoga videos on YouTube. There are even some channels that specialize exclusively in Yoga, e.g.  Yoga with Adriene or Mady Morrison. In addition to videos for Yoga at home, there are also several guided meditations you can look into.

Regardless of whether you practice Yoga for 10 minutes or an hour at home: Yoga practice helps you to maintain your positive attitude and inner balance plus contributes to your getting enough physical exercise. You can practice Yoga at home in the morning, in the evening or in-between. Especially, a stretching exercise can make you feel good, if you have previously been lying on the sofa or sitting at a desk. Also, you can wear our comfortable Yoga clothing all day long and carry out other activities with it. It is elastic, breathable and non-slipping. You can find a wide range of  Yoga topsYoga bras and leggings in our online store.