Lookbook SP2021

Our MANDALA Looks - spring/summer 2021

Our spring/summer 2021 collection shows strong women who draw their strength from their Yoga practice. They are all united by the idea of being mindful - with themselves, with others, with nature and all beings. Mindfulness is also a central value for MANDALA. In concrete terms, for us, this means ensuring that the people who produce our yoga fashion are working under fair conditions. They receive reasonable wages and are socially protected. Therefore, we have established long-term partnerships with our production sites. So that neither humans nor animals suffer from the production of our yoga wear, all our styles are PETA-Approved Vegan. And because we want our ecological footprint to be as small as possible, we have relied from the beginning on natural or recycled raw materials that are grown in a resource-saving and ecological way. We are delighted that activist and fair fashion icon Madeleine Alizadeh, aka dariadaria, is once again supporting us in the campaign. And we are proud proof once more with how well ethics and aesthetics go along together.