About us

Nathalie Prieger, Founder

In 2001, Nathalie Prieger founded the sustainable Yoga label MANDALA. Foreign cultures, a deep sensitivity for aesthetics and her love for fashion have always played a major role in the life of the designer, who had grown up in Iran. Already at the age of 14, she started sewing her first outfits and upon receiving her degree as fashion designer at the Paris Fashion School ESMOD, her passion for design became her destined vocation. Nathalie has worked for various German labels including holding the position as Head Designer for the MCM fashion line.

Guided by her keen sense for trends, she introduced the first eco-faire ecological Yoga fashion to Germany over 15 years ago. Meanwhile, Nathalie is regarded as being a pioneer in the Fair Fashion industry. From the onset, a high-grade sustainability plus the application of ecological materials have been the cornerstones of her Yoga line. Today, all MANDALA Styles combine urban trends together with a fair production sequence chain.

From work to workout

Be it in New York, Berlin or Tokyo – Yoga Fashion has become absolutely suitable for everyday use. Already wearing Yoga leggings and a blazer to a business meeting, afterwards briefly slipping into a hoodie and going straight to a sport session ... what would have been unthinkable a generation ago, stands out today as an urban and active lifestyle.

MANDALA's cool, stylish yet timeless designs create a perfect combination of sporty non-chalance and feminine elegance.

Eco meets fair

We were the first in Germany to produce Yoga fashion in a sustainable way – in that at an early stage, we realized the growing trend of a conscious consumer purchasing awareness towards resource-saving production.

Organic cotton, Tencel, Modal and textiles made out of recycled plastic bottles – by applying these natural fibers and recycled materials, fashion collections contribute significantly towards environmental protection.

These products are manufactured in Turkey and in our own textile factory in Shanghai, where fair pay, high regard and decent working conditions for our workers have top priority.

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Look great - Feel great - Practice great

MANDALA stands out for a conscious and positive lifestyle. Here, modern activity-wear and ecological, social responsibility meet upon one another. A stylish Yoga collection is just as important as fair working conditions and an environmentally friendly production.

Whether it is for a Yoga class, an everyday look or a cozy couch evening - the devotedly and elaborately designed outfits by MANDALA are simply convincing, thanks to a perfect fit, a timeless design and highest quality.

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