History of MANDALA

    MANDALA was founded in 2000 by Nathalie Prieger in Munich. Prior to that, in her position as head designer for MCM, Nathalie had become aware of how production costs were being pressed downwards for more profit in sales. She decided not to support this business practice ethically any longer and quit her job. An extended stay in India not only made her realize her love for country and Yoga but also to integrate her two passions into MANDALA.

    Yoga was hardly known in Germany at that time; yet in North America, the first Yoga Fashion labels had already been founded, convincing Nathalie to establish her own Yoga Fashion label. Although sustainable sports fashion was still in its infancy, Nathalie held on to her idea, fought against all odds and managed to build up a thriving brand in a matter of years that became well-known to all Yoginis, especially in German-speaking countries. Currently, MANDALA can be found at approx. 180 points of sale worldwide.

    2001 - First Collection

    After having been founded in 2000, a year later MANDALA sells its own first Yoga collection. We have become Germany's first Yoga Fashion Label and belong to the first labels that offer sustainable and fairly produced Active Wear.

    2004 - First Retailers in Europe

    MANDALA begins distributing throughout Europe. Our collection is available in London, Amsterdam and Scandinavia.

    2007 - Our Showrooms

    Meanwhile, we now have a number of retailers at different locations in Europe and our collection is presented in three showrooms, in Munich, Hamburg and Amsterdam. We are still being represented there today.

    2008 - MANDALA Available at 100 Sales Points in Europe

    Our next major milestone has been attained: MANDALA is now represented at 100 POS throughout Europe. Our customers include renown department stores, Yoga Studios and luxury hotels.

    2009 - Production & Launching Our Online Shop

    Our partnership with the textile manufacturer Jiecco in China begins, followed by the GOTS-certified company Demoteks in Turkey. Both companies are OCS certified. We are proud that our partnerships with these companies still continue to exist today, enabling us to offer our collection in consistent high quality to our customers.

    We venture into new territory: Our first Online Shop is launched. From now on, customers can also purchase their Yoga Wear directly online from MANDALA.

    2010 - First Tencel Collection

    We have discovered the sustainable Tencel fabric for our Yoga fashion and introduce it for the first time with our collection. Over the following years, Tencel has become one of our most popular fabrics and an integral part of our Yoga collection.

    2012 - First Recycled Polyester Collection

    With Recycled Polyester, the next sustainable innovation, finds its way into our collection. Today, printed leggings made from recycled PET bottles still continue being one of our bestsellers.

    2013 - First Resellers Outside Europe

    We are gaining new customers in the Middle East and Asia, our sustainable Yoga Wear is now more accessible to Yogis on other continents.

    2014 - MANDALA Store Munich Opens

    We open our first store in Munich. Located in the center of the city, the Glockenbachviertel, our qualified sales assistants advise Yogis upon request on the purchase of Yoga clothing and its accessories.

    2017 - Relocation to Tutzing

    Our head office is relocated from Munich to Tutzing at Lake Starnberg. We now have 10 employees in Germany and Turkey.

    2019 - Bio-Based Polyamide from Castor Oil

    We discover the new Bio-Polyamide fabric innovation for our Yoga clothing. We have become the primary label for Active Wear producing our Yoga Collection out of Bio-based Polyamide, a fabric made out of the renewable raw material of the Castor Bean plant.