Finally pumpkin time again. When Mr. Pumpkin asks for the table, we won't be long in coming. We celebrate autumn with a pleasantly warm and healthy stew. The recipe for the pumpkin-chickpea stew with coconut milk and warming spices comes from our food blogger Lena.

    We are living in a time when differences of opinion are raised over the heart being able to connect. Friendships are breaking apart over it. Arguments are arising within families. This post is about the intelligence of the heart. For the mind separates, the heart connects.

    Meanwhile, we have early August 2020 and are still coming to terms with the remnants of a crisis of unprecedented magnitude. At first we noticed, living in Munich, that the city had calmed down considerably and the air had become fresh and crystal clear as never before. The demands grew to set up an online business up and to deal with fears. 

    Says Franziska Giffey, our German Minister of Family Affairs. For several months now, we have been proving it once again. Not to mention private households. We women handle it.

    Our subject is not about eliminating fear completely out of our lives. It is about not being determined by it, not being trapped in it. Not without reason, it is said: "Fear is not a good counselor". Rather, it is about accepting fear, i.e. becoming aware of it, dealing with it, in order to let it go, at least a little bit.

    Especially during this current situation, Yoga is the ideal sport for at home, a little space is sufficient and you need no equipment. We will show you the options for practicing Yoga at home and how it helps you.

    In 2018, Sinah Diepold opened her first Yoga studio "Kale&Cake" with her friend and co-founder in Munich. Discover more about her love to Yoga and what makes her yoga praxis so special. 

    Should you practice Yoga during your menstrual period? Yoga teacher Ranja Weis explains in her column what to look out for during this time in one’s daily Yoga practice and suggests how women could pamper themselves during their days of the month.

    We would like to show you where the cotton for our collection originates, with which machines the fabric is woven, how the big bales of fabric are dyed and, of course, last but not least, the hands of those who produce our Yoga leggings, tops and bras. Come with us to Turkey and visit our fair fashion production!

    Taking care of yourself is the fundament for a balanced daily routine and inner harmony. Yogini and Yin Yoga teacher Ranja Weis tells us why it is important to listen to yourself and your body and how selfcare works in a particularly simple way - especially in those cold and dark fall months. 

    Friday, September 20, 2019, was the day for our entire MANDALA team "for protesting instead of working". All of us took part in the climate civil protest movement at the Königsplatz in Munich. The aim of the civil protest was to show our solidarity with the students of the "Fridays for Future" movement.

    We strive to produce our Yoga fashion as sustainably as possible. For us, this not only includes the manufacturing, production of fabrics and dyeing processes, but also the packaging of our product. After having done research on several environmentally-friendly alternatives for Polybags, we decided on rolling-up our clothing items by using paper banderoles from now on.