Yoga Bodies

Just landed - our most loved Yoga Bodies

Discover our newest sustainable style. The Yoga Body will be your BFF all year round. Our Yoga Body made of super sustainable and ultra soft Tencel allows you to practice with ease. The lacing on the back creates a flattering look. The integrated support bra gives you hold while you can elevate your flow in organic cotton.


Liebe für den Planeten


So that you can concentrate fully on your yoga practice, your yoga outfit should fit perfectly - without pinching, constricting or slipping. Our bodies guarantee an especially high level of functionality through their perfect fit and pleasant materials. The bodies can be combined with all Mandala Tops and with a Mandala Legging. Of course, the bodies are also wearable without second layer and pants.


Double is better? Not in this case

Since there is nothing more uncomfortable than a yoga top that slips when doing a headstand, we have developed our yoga bodies. For a secure feeling that everything stays covered. Our bodies are designed with a lot of feminine understanding and therefore can be worn by every type of woman without concern. With the integrated bra and the flexible and soft material the body keeps everything where it belongs.


A rare eye-catcher

With its trendy style our body becomes a top alternative for every yoga bra and is an eye-catcher in any case.

  • - Feminin design for slim silhoette
  • - Flexible and soft fabrics for more freedom of movement
  • - With integrated support bra for a secure hold
  • - High-quality breathable material


The right material

Our Basic Body is almost completely made of organic cotton. Due to the resource-saving and fair production as well as the biological and sustainable materials, our Basic Body provides both a good feeling on the skin and a good conscience.

Our Yoga Body consists to a large extent of Lyocell (Tencel®) - a cellulose fibre obtained from the raw material wood. The production is water-saving and very environmentally friendly. The material is very absorbent, soft and cooling. Lyocell supports an optimal skin climate and is very hygienic thanks to perfect moisture management.


How to care for your body

The Basic Body made of organic cotton can be washed at 30 degrees, but we recommend a delicate wash to protect the materials. The Yoga Body made of Lyocell (Tencel®) is washable at 30° delicates. A laundry net is additionally recommended. We also recommend removing the integrated pads before washing.