Sustainable Fitness & Training Sports Wear

Try to keep yourself fit by using our Training Sportswear for Fitness, Running and more. Our Fitness Sportswear is quick-drying and breathable. In addition, the sustainable fabrics are opaque and adapt to every movement without slipping. Our Training Sports Fashion for Ladies not only scores with its performance properties, but is also super trendy.


High Performance Fitness Sportswear

Training Sportswear shouldn’t only look stylish, above all, it should be functional. Our Fitness Sportswear offers both functionality and fashionable designs and cuts. And best of all: The production of our Training Sports Fashion is sustainable and fair. The fabrics are quick-drying and wonderfully elastic. Our Fitness Tops and Leggings provide a perfect support and have a feminine cut. Our Training Sportswear offers:

  • Quick-Drying & Breathable Fabrics
  • Strong hold and 100% opaque
  • Fashionable Prints and Slim Fit
  • Resource-Saving, Sustainable Production

Eco Training Sports Wear

Our Fitness Wear is made exclusively out of renewable and recycled raw materials. Our Organic Cotton is cultivated by a process using resources sparingly and our Tencel originates from sustainable forestry. Our sustainable Fitness Fashion not only protects the environment, but also your skin, as we do not use any harmful chemicals throughout the entire production process.


Washing Instructions for your Fitness Wear

Wash your sportswear turned inside out at 30°C and be sure to put similar colors together. Delicate materials, such as Mesh should be put in a laundry net and washed with the delicate-wash cycle. Avoid using the dryer, in this way your Fitness Wear won’t lose its elasticity.