Yoga Tops For A Small Bust

You would like to give your bust a more feminine form? Or emphasize other great areas of your body? Then, these Yoga tops are just perfect for you. Our Yoga tops and bras for a smaller bust have ruffles, dividing seams and removable pads to make your bosom look fuller and more feminine. Lovely details in back attract directly to your back. The integrated Support-Bragives you the confidence to fully concentrate on your Asanas.


Yoga Tops With A Great Effect For A Smaller Bosom

Even with a smaller bosom, a Yoga top should have enough grip and not slip. Tops with removable pads provide the bust more fullness as well as a feminine form. Ruffles and dividing seams visually conjure up a fuller bosom. If you prefer to emphasize other parts of your body, you can fall back on the Tops and Bras that have lovely details on the back, on the arms and on the hem. What our Yoga tops for a small bust have to offer you:

  • Integrated Support-Bra
  • Optical enlargement of the bosom through pads, gathers and dividing seams
  • Lovely details and trendy cuts
  • Firm hold without narrowing-in


Sustainability is Key

All our Yoga tops and bras are produced sustainably and fairly. Our organic cotton is extremely soft and produced in an environmentally non-polluting process. For those who value quality performance, Tencel is the right choice. As Tencel is produced out of the renewable raw-material wood, it is particularly elastic and quick-drying.


How to Keep Your Top Lasting for a long Time

Wash your Yoga top together with similar colors at 30°C. For fine materials, such as thin straps or Mesh, we recommend using the delicate-wash cycle and a laundry net. Do not use a softener, as it affects the performance of your Yoga Wear.