Yoga Pants for a Slim Figure

Slipping Yoga pants are really uncomfortable. Constantly they have to be pulled up and watched over if they fit properly. Our Yoga pants are equipped with an elastic waistbandthat adapts itself perfectly to every figure. Whether you are looking for Capri pants, long leggings or shorts: We have the ideal Yoga pants for a slim figure.


Yoga Pants for Slim Women

Basically, you can wear everything when you have a slim figure. Important is to make sure that the waistband is snug enough so that nothing slips. Therefore, our Yoga leggings with elastic waistband are ideal, also our Yoga pants with drawstring. To appear more curvy, you can either wear printed leggings or resort to light-colored trousers. Even flared pants or casual lounge pants can set slim legs perfectly in scene. That is why MANDALA Yoga Pants are the perfect choice:

  • Elastic Waistband for a Perfect Fit
  • Lovingly designed, inspired by worldwide Trends
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Ideal Fit for Every Figure


Sustainability is a Heart Matter for us

Our Yoga pants are produced in a fair and sustainable way. For our GOTS-certified organic cotton no pesticidesare used. Our Yoga Pants Tencel are breathable and elastic. Our Recycled Polyester leggings each consist of 12 PET bottles and dry very quickly.


For a Long Life: The Right Care

Wash your Yoga pants at a maximum of 30°C together with similar colors. Do not use a softener. Using the fine wash cycle, delicate fabrics should be washed in a laundry net. For our recycled Polyester leggings, we recommend washing them in the Guppybag. Avoid the dryer.