Sustainable Yoga Shorts

Yoga shorts are an absolute must on warm days. Both for outdoors and for inside the Yoga studio you will make a great figure wearing them. You have the choice of either tight or loose shorts - with print or plain. The fabric of all our Yoga shorts is breathable and elastic. No matter what exercise you do: our Yoga shorts do not give deep insight nor do they slip. You are always well-dressed with our stylish printed shorts made from fast-drying Recycled Polyester; on the beach, in the city or in the Yoga Shala. Combined with an unadorned Yoga top, your Yoga shorts become a true It-Piece. For those who like it more sporty, try our Mesh Shorts made out of organic cotton. Over the tight-fitting shorts a second layer of mesh has been sewn that looks great for any sport activity.

Cool Shorts for Yoga and More

Yoga shorts are a real must for the wardrobe of a Yogini, especially in summer. Our Yoga shorts are opaque and do not slip; you can do your Yoga practice without bothering about how you look. The tight-fitting fabric ensures that you look proper in any Yoga position. Our casual shorts feel pleasantly soft to wear and you can practice any exercise when wearing them. The Yoga shorts are not only ideal for Yoga, but also many other sport activities. Not only functionality is of importance to us, but also trendy designs, so you can wear your favorite shorts also during the day. Choose your favorite out of printed shorts with delightfully pleasing patterns or plain sporty Mesh Shorts. How our Yoga shorts score:

  • No scratchy seams
  • Freedom of movement through 4-Way-Stretch
  • Breathable fabrics for perfect moisture regulation
  • No slipping, no deep insight due to tight fit and opaque cloth
  • Soft fabric is like a second skin
  • Stylish designs and cuts

Sustainability and Style Combined

You can wear our Yoga garments with a clear conscience; for, in addition to trendy, functional designs, sustainability and fair production are our top priorities. Our Yoga shorts are made from soft organic cotton with GOTS certification, a renewable resource grown without polluting pesticides, thus protecting the environment and your skin. For our Printed Shorts we use Recycled Polyester, a high performance fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. With this Upcycling we protect environment and oil resources. The fabric is quick-drying and breathable.

Proper Care Makes The Difference

To enjoy your Yoga shorts for a long time, treat them with care and follow the washing instructions. Our organic cotton shorts can be machine-washed at 30°C. We recommend a net bag to protect the mesh from tangling with other garments. The Printed Shorts out of Recycled Polyester can also be washed at 30°C. Do not use fabric softener, as it harms the fiber and affects its special functionality.