Yoga Pants For Short Legs

Especially with Yoga, your clothes should fit perfectly. Yoga pants that reach the floor, or cast unpleasant wrinkles because they are too long, distract and make you feel uncomfortable. Particularly with short legs, it is difficult to find Yoga pants in the proper length. Often, you can substitute by trying on ankle-length pants, as these have the perfect length for short legs. When you have found out which Yoga pants have a short leg-cut, you can also find matching pants for short legs in regular length.


Extra Short Yoga Pants

Pants with vertical details and dividing seams make your legs look longer visually. Even printed leggings serve as a good optical distraction away from the length of your legs. Your Yoga pants should not touch the floor under any circumstance. If your leggings throw wrinkles, that's a sign that they are too long. Every Yogini can find her perfect Yoga pants with us because our pants have slightly differing cuts. Also for short legs you can find beautiful Yoga Pants. Yoga pants from MANDALA offer you:

  • Optimal fit
  • High-quality sustainable fabrics
  • Exclusive premium prints
  • Inspired by trends around the world


Sustainable Performance Pants

You can wear our Yoga pants with a good feeling. Because they are produced out of sustainable materials. Yoga pants made out of the sustainable-performance fabric Tencel are elastic and quick-drying. Our GOTS certified organic cotton is produced without pesticides and breathable. Each of our printed leggings in Recycled Polyester are made from 12 recycled PET bottles and are opaque.


How To Wash Your Yoga Pants The Proper Way

Wash your Yoga pants at a maximum of 30°C as soon as possible after wearing. Do not use fabric softener, as this will harm the material. Also omit using the dryer. For particularly sensitive substances, e.g. Mesh, apply the delicate wash-cycle program and use a laundry net. Turn your Yoga pants inside out before washing.