Either for Yoga practice or for everyday life: Our Yoga pants accompany you as your most important clothing item. On the mat, your focus is on breathing and Asana - no tweaking seams, no scratchy labels, no restrictive seams hinder you in your movement. No matter in which position you are: Our Yoga pants are opaque and flexible. Leggings, capris, shorts and track pants in gorgeous, eco-friendly fabrics like organic stretch cotton, dry-fit recycled polyster or sustainable Tencel. Beautifully designed and carefully crafted to hold their shape and eliminate annoying seams or scratchy labels that can restrict your movement and distract your mind - so you can focus on flowing freely through your practice.

Yoga Pants: Comfortable, Functional and Stylish

Intensive Yoga practice demands quite a lot out of your Yoga pants. The pants have to withstand every move you make without tearing or slipping. Therefore, perfect Yoga pants should be extra stretchy and feel pleasantly soft on the skin. Regardless if for Vinyasa Yoga or Yin Yoga, our sustainable Yoga Pants are the perfect fit for every Yogini. An extra wide waistband ensures a secure fit that can be folded over. For those who prefer it even more casual, we have wide-cut Yoga pants, and for summer, Shorts and ankle-length (7/8) pants. Also, our classic, long Yoga Leggings are available in various colors and fabrics. Our designers know that not only functionality is vital for Yoga pants, but also the look. That is why Mandala Yoga Pants are just the thing for you:

  • No scratching or hemming-in seams
  • 4-Way-Stretch with high-resilience
  • Secure hold during all your Asanas
  • Stylish designs plus high-quality materials
  • Breathable, opaque and high-performance fabrics
  • Fair production for all our Yoga pants
  • Sustainable Yoga Pants

    Our Yoga pants are not only fairly produced, but also sustainable. We only use organic cotton with GOTS certification. Alternatively, we also produce Yoga pants made with Tencel, a cellulose fiber made out of wood, which feels wonderfully soft. For those who prefer it a bit more sporty, we have Yoga Leggings made out of Recycled Polyester. These Yoga pants are made out of recycled plastic bottles, dry very quickly and are extra stretchy with their 4-Way-Stretch - the perfect Active-Wear for Yoga, Barre, Running or other sports.

    The Right Care For Your Yoga Pants

    Yoga pants made out of organic cotton can be easily washed at 30°C in the washing machine. For Yoga pants out of Tencel, we recommend “delicate wash at 30°C” to protect the soft fabric quality of the Yoga pants.

    Yoga leggings out of Recycled Polyester should also be washed at 30°C - delicate wash - without using fabric softener, because the softener makes the fibers of the Yoga pants stick together. By employing these tips, you will be able to enjoy your new favorite Yoga pants for a very long time.