Yoga clothing made from organic cotton

Organic cotton Yoga clothing has already increased to having become a vital part of our MANDALA collections since the label was created. Its robust natural fiber provides a most pleasantly soft feeling on the skin, thereby, ideal for all Asanas. As organic cotton is breathable and of elastic quality, it is predestined for wearing when practicing Yoga and other types of sports where flexibility of clothing is important. In addition, Yoga clothing in organic cotton supports the natural skin function. Our organic cotton is GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) and Textile Exchange certified.


Organic cotton and fair trade sports wear

Our sustainable Yoga clothing out of organic cotton is not only good for the skin, but also for the environment. There are quite a lot of benefits by using organic cotton: its cultivation is water-saving, the seeds are not genetically engineered and no artificial fertilizers nor pesticides are used. That's why Yoga fashion in organic cotton is the perfect choice:

  • breathable, elastic fabric
  • pleasantly soft on the skin
  • modern design
  • feminine cuts
  • perfect fit


Our range of Yoga clothes out of organic cotton

A huge part of our Yoga fashion is made from organic cotton. Our Yoga leggingsYoga tops and Yoga bras in organic cotton are breathable and elastic – great for all movements. Additionally, we offer many long-lasting Street Styles in organic cotton, such as our organic hoodies and sweaters, as well as our sweatpants.


How to wash your organic cotton Yoga clothes

Wash your organic cotton Yoga fashion at 30°C with similar colors. Delicate materials, such as mesh, should be washed in a net so that they are not damaged. Air dry your Yoga clothing.