Yoga Styles in Modal

Yoga clothes in Modal are eco-friendly and a natural alternative for all those who want to protect the environment. Our Yoga leggings, shirts and long sleeves out of modal are lightweight and breathable. The soft and ultra-light fabric is comfortable to wear, especially on warm days. MANDALA Yoga styles out of Modal are hardly felt on the skin and ideal to wear during the day.


Fair Yoga Shirts in Modal

Our fair Yoga clothes in Modal are environmentally-friendly manufactured. Ecological Modal is made from beech wood, originating from Austria’s sustainable forestry. Modal has a silky sheen and feels extremely soft to the touch. Why Yoga Wear in Modal is always a good choice:

  • Breathable fabric
  • Pleasantly soft and ultra-light
  • Also for wearing during the day
  • Feminine design


Yoga Pants and Yoga Shirts in Modal: A Versatile All-Rounder

We use Modal mainly for our Yoga T-ShirtsLongsleeves and loose Yoga tops. Also, some of our Yoga leggings are produced from super-soft and breathable Modal. Our entire Yoga collection in Modal is the ideal companion for everyday life.


The Proper Care for Yoga Clothing in Modal

Modal is a relatively delicate and fine material. Therefore, we recommend washing your Modal clothes in a laundry net at a low spin-rate. Wash your Yoga Modal clothes at 30°C together with similar colors. Avoid the dryer.