Medium-Waisted Yoga Pants

Our Yoga pants with their classic Medium-Waist cut are an absolute Must-Have in your wardrobe. With a tight Yoga top, a Yoga bra and a soft sweater, our Mid-Rise pants are an excellent combination. Thanks to their elastic waistband, our Medium-Waisted Leggings prevent unintentional glimpses without tweaking.


What Is Special About Our Mid-Rise Yoga Pants

Thanks to their elastic waistband, Medium-Waisted Pants fit perfectly over your hips without slipping or tweaking. Our wide-cut Yoga pants are ideal for quiet workouts or cozy days on the sofa. Our leggings are the right choice for dynamic movements: thanks to their 4-Way Stretch, they follow every movement you make and feel like a second skin. There are many good reasons for medium-waisted pants:

  • Soft, elastic waistband for a perfect fit
  • No scratchy seams
  • Sustainable & fair production
  • Modern designs & cuts
  • Breathable, opaque materials


Stylish And Ecological

Sustainable materials and fair production are our top priority. With the purchase of our Medium-Waisted Pants, you are not only doing something good for yourself but for the environment as well. Mid-Rise Pants in GOTS certified organic cotton are soft and comfortable to wear. If you value performance, choose a pair of Medium-Waist pants in Tencel. Also very popular are our printed leggings made out of recycled Polyester. A pair of leggings consists out of 12 recycled PET bottles.


It Depends Upon The Care

Wash your Medium-Waist Yoga Pants at 30°C without fabric softener. We recommend a fine wash program to clean the fabric as gently as possible. Make sure you wash similar colors together and do not tumble-dry your Yoga leggings.