Merino wool is a true natural high-tech fiber: It is warming, breathable and at the same time temperature-outbalancing and long-lasting. With this wonderful, soft material, we have created feminine and functional Yoga styles. You prefer something in organic cotton? Then, also this is a fantastic choice, as our organic cotton is GOTS certified and, thereby, you are making a fair contribution to mankind and environment.

Jackets and Sweaters to Relax In

Our soft jackets and sweaters are pleasantly warming and do not scratch. It makes no difference if they are loosely cut, waisted or body-accentuated: Our Yoga sweaters and jackets are perfect for relaxing or for quiet Yoga classes. Not only are our Mandala Knits the ideal companion for Yoga Shala, but also an absolute must-have for everyday life. Trimmed with small and fine details such as laces, ruffles or glittering Lurex, they are both functional and stylish. That is why our knits can also be a great favorite for you:

  • Soft, sustainable material that does not scratch
  • Attractive cuffs that fit snugly without cutting
  • Exquisite details and trendy cuts
  • Perfect temperature regulation
  • Warming function
  • Our Yoga Knits are Also Sustainable

    For our Mandala Knits, we use fine Merino Wool from New Zealand. The sheep are kept in pastures that are appropriate for their species and Mulesing-free. Merino wool has the quality of warming in the cold and cooling in the heat. Besides that, it has a natural odor-neutralizing capacity and an excellent moisture-regulation. For those who rather prefer to do without wool, we also have knits made out of pure organic cottonthat is produced ecologically and ethically correct. It feels especially soft on the skin, is breathable and keeps you wonderfully warm.

    How to take care of your Yoga wear

    Wash by hand with wool detergent in cold water, so that knits out of Merino wool do not lose their shape. Spread on a towel, roll the towel together to gently press out extra water. Hang on a clothes hanger to dry and form into its original shape. You can wash jackets and sweaters in organic cotton at 30°C in the washing machine. For extra gentle wash, we recommend the Cotton-Wash program. Do not wash bright colors together with dark, otherwise they might become discolored.

    Size Chart
    Mandala Size (German) Inch Chest (cm) Waist (cm) Hip (cm)
    XS 34 26 78 - 81 62 - 65 88 -91
    S 36 27 / 28 82 - 85 66 - 69 92 - 95
    M 38 29 86 - 89 70 - 73 96 - 98
    L 40 30 90 - 93 74 - 77 99 - 101
    XL 42 31 94 - 97 78 - 81 102 - 104