Sustainable Dancewear for Ladies

With our Dancewear Fashion you are well equipped for all types of dance – be it modern, ballet or hip-hop. Our feminine cuts and fashionable designs give your personal choreography the finishing touch. The sustainable materials are breathable, adapt perfectly to your every movement and do not slip. Our Dance Wear combines Performance, Sustainability and Design.


Dance Fashion with Perfect Properties

Thanks to its high-performance properties, our sustainable Dancewear Fashion ensures that you always set a great figure in scene. Our dance styles are breathable, quick-drying and elastic. Our Dance Wear is also produced sustainably and fair from renewable or recycled materials. That's why you should definitely try out our Dancewear:

  • Perfect Moisture Absorption
  • Elastic & Opaque
  • Pleasant-to-wear sensation
  • Modern Cuts and Designs
  • Sustainable & Fair Production

Sustainably Produced Dance Wear

Our Dancewear is made out of renewable raw materials by a process using our resources sparingly. All persons involved in our production receive fair wages and are socially insured. Our fabrics are made from Organic Cotton, Tencel, Bio-Polyamide & Co. and they are not only environmentally friendly, but also feel most gentle on the skin.


How to Wash your Dance Fashion

We recommend following our washing instructions, so that your Dancewear Fashion lasts as long as possible. Wash similar colors together at 30°C and avoid using the dryer. The best way to wash delicate materials, such as mesh or lace, is to put them into a laundry net and to use the delicate-wash cycle. For a more gentle cleaning of your Dance wear, turn the clothing items inside out before washing.