The right Yoga Pants for Curvy Women

For women with curves, finding perfectly-fitted Yoga pants is not always easy. Some pants stretch too much, thus disclosing unwanted insights; other pants slip or they cut in. Our opaque Yoga pants stretch with every movement and the elastic waistband provides support without constricting your midriff. Be it Capri or Lounge Pants, Shorts or Leggings: Here you will find the right Yoga pants for a curvy figure.


Yoga Pants for a Curvy Figure

A curvy figure is especially feminine. Yet, finding matching pants when buying clothes is often problematic. If you want to be on the safe side, you can choose a pair of High-Waist leggings. Their soft and elastic waistband provides enough support without cutting in. To conceal your curves, you can either wear dark Yoga pants or choose Yoga pants with vertical details, as these elongate visually. Even wide-cut lounge pants help you to look less curvy. That is why our Yoga pants are just right for you:

  • Elastic Waistband for a Strong Hold without Constricting
  • Ideal Fit for Curvy Women
  • Opaque in Every Position
  • Designs inspired by worldwide Trends
  • Sustainable Materials


Sustainable Yoga Pants: Good for your Skin and the Environment

Our Yoga Wear is produced sustainably. Yoga Pants made out of Tencel are very soft and breathable. Their production is particularly resource-saving. Our GOTS-certified organic cotton is not genetically modified and does not require chemical fertilizers. Each pair of Recycled Polyester leggings is made from 12 PET bottles collected from our environment.


For Long-Lasting Yoga Pants

Proper care ensures that your Yoga pants last longer. We recommend washing them, directly after having worn them, at maximum 30°C - without a fabric softener. Make sure to wash similar colors together and to avoid the dryer. Particularly delicate materials should be washed with the fine wash-cycle program in a laundry net. For Recycled Polyester leggings, it is best to use the Guppy Friend Washing Bag to avoid microplastic.