Exclusive Yoga Clothing in Bio-Polyamide from Castor Oil

Our high-performance Yoga clothing in Bio-Polyamide, in terms of sustainability and functionality, is a true innovation. Bio-Polyamide is made 100% out of its renewable resource, the castor oil plant. The quick-drying and breathable substance of castor oil is produced in Italy by Brugnoli.


Yoga Fashion from the Castor Oil Plant

Organic Polyamide Yoga clothing is not only good for the environment, it is also ideal for Fitness- and Active-Wear. Bio-Polyamide from Castor Oil is figure-forming, elastic and dries extremely fast. In addition, it ensures perfect moisture-management, so you won’t sweat, even in tropical climates. Why our organic polyamide Yoga wear is perfect for you:

  • High-quality fabric innovation from Italy
  • Fashionable feminine designs
  • Fabric is elastic with Memory-Shape
  • Shape Effect


Sustainable Fabric Innovation out of Bio-Polyamide from Castor Oil

Organic Polyamide Yoga benefits the environment, since the Castor Oil plant needs little water and has no influence on the food chain, as it is not grown on arable land. The processing of the substance into a fabric is exceptionally resource-saving.


How to Keep Your Bio-Polyamide Yoga Clothing Long-Lasting

Best wash for your Yoga Wear is with the Sports Program at 30°C. Refrain from using a softener. Air dry your Bio-Polyamide Yoga leggings and bras.