Sustainable & Organic

We’ve always believed that sustainability is sexy, and happily, more and more people agree. Our clothes look and feel beautiful because they are made from materials that are entirely free of chemical additives. We use only recyclable, raw materials like organic cotton and Tencel, as well as recycled polyester made from plastic bottles.

The bottom line is that the more careful we are with our natural resources, the more we spare the planet from harmful emissions. When you wear MANDALA instead of fast-fashion clothing, you know that you’re reducing your CO2 carbon footprint – and that's a really great feeling.

We produce only on demand. New collections can be ordered just twice a year, and we produce according to what our customers actually order. It's our way of making sure we avoid the waste involved in over-production.

No longer the choice of just the solitary eco-warrior, organic has become more mainstream. As early innovators, we are now proud to be leaders in sustainable fashion. We never compromise when it comes to our organic and eco-friendly fabrics, all manufactured under ethical and ecologically sound conditions. So when you wear MANDALA, you know your conscience is clear.

All our products are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified and comply with the Organic Content Standard of Textile Exchange. Our recycled polyester products are made from fabrics created by Repreve, from old plastic bottles. We ensure our ethical production standards are upheld by making our own regular visits to our productions facilities.