Mandala Yoga Mode – Green Chic at its best

At the beginning of Mandala Yoga fashion was a vague feeling in the belly of designer Nathalie Prieger. As the chief designer of a famous Munich brand had success and enough money - and yet the vague feeling that there must be "more" in fashion. With the foundation of her label and the first Mandala Yoga fashion collection in 2000  it was Nathalie's desire to combine her passion for fashion with a deeper meaning - with substantiality. Her label was  Mandala Yoga fashion one of the first German fashion company with a consistently fair produced collection. "Ethics and fashion, combining the two was my vision for the future - and I was lucky that there were more and more people who supported this idea!"

And to this idea is Nathalie faithful until now: All parts of Mandala Yoga Collection - whether yoga tops, yoga shirts, yoga jackets, yoga pants - are made from organic cotton, dyed gently and carefully manufactured. The production takes place in small businesses in Turkey, China, India and Bali, that she visits at irregular intervals.

What does Nathalie, as a pioneer of the "Greens' wishes for herself? "That consumers carefully consider what they spend their money on - more class than mass is the right way, in my opinion." Join us to the commitment to green fashion! And if you find something from the Mandala Yoga fashion collection here at our store , we are also very pleased .... :-)