Mandala Yoga Fashion and yoga wear can do more!

The Mandala Yoga Online Shop offers not only comfortable yoga clothing online. What we do is not simply a matter of having "Yoga clothes". Rather, we offer quality products that emphasize the feminine aesthetic, that are distinguished by particular functionality and accompany women through all aspects of daily life. Moreover, Mandala Fashion considers great importance the environment and promotes fair trade with great importance! We have put together a list of interesting pages about our product field. Feel welcome to get to know our products in detail!

During pregnancy, you want only the best for you and your child - and that is exactly what we want to offer you! Yoga for pregnant women has become increasingly popular in recent years because it is easy on the expectant mother and gives her a good feeling. Mandala Fashion provides for the period of pregnancy clothing that is comfortable to wear during sports. Find your pregnancy clothing that is comfortable and you can also look beautiful.
In recent years, awareness of fair trade among customers continued to escalate. As Nathalie Prieger Mandala Fashion founded, she was shocked at the conditions in the fields and in the factories. Therefore, she decided to create Fairtrade fashion that offers the producers the same respect as her products and customers.
When spoken of "organic fashion"  a few years ago, one had often earth-coloured, scratchy clothing with no fit and fashion sense in his mind. However, it was clear for Nathalie Prieger  that the same potential lies in in organic fashion as in clothes made of conventional materials. Taking into account the holistic approach of yoga, the idea of eco yoga clothes was born. The result is a detail oriented, organic clothing that legitimately can be described as "Organic Fashion" .