What We care about at Mandala Fashion

Mandala Yoga clothing "eco": We at Mandala Fashion mean: who wears fashion, also can bear responsibility! According to Yoga philosophy, which prompts us to deal respectfully with ourselves and our environment, Mandala Fashion is committed to the preservation of natural resources. Mandala Yoga clothing consists entirely of certified organic cotton from Turkey. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used during growing. So not only the health of workers is protected, but also get the fertility of the soil. The coloring of the fabrics is low in pollutants according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. In the manufacturing only natural seams, buttons made of natural materials and nickel free metal parts are used.

Mandala Yoga clothing is fair: Mandala manufactures mainly in Turkey, in Bali and in China. We only work with small businesses that are carefully selected by us. Fair working conditions and a decent wages are important to us. Our efforts do not stop at the border, also the staff in Munich, has large latitude and flexible working hours.

Mandala Yoga clothing stands for quality: all products are subject to strict final inspection. We want you to prolong the enjoyment of your Mandala Yoga clothing because: That too is sustainability in practice! "Stable" conserves resources and reduces the waste piles.

Mandala Yoga clothing is beautiful: Soft fabrics, flowing silhouettes, a feminine and sensual look - that characterizes the models of  Mandala. A perfect fit is a matter of course. Thanks to the wide range of colors -. of classic muted colors to bright colors like Mauve, Magnolia or Atlantic Green - any Yoga student will find something that fits their type.
Then there is the sense of beautiful details: playful ribbons, dainty pearls, pretty buttons or (hidden) sayings underscore the individuality. There is also a symbol on the inside of the clothes, which is dedicated solely to the wearer, bring her luck and will guide her through the day.
Mandala Yoga clothing is versatile: With Mandala Yoga clothing, you not only make a good figure in the studio  - the casual chic of the yoga shirts, yoga tops and yoga jackets fit perfectly with classic jeans or a nice skirt. The Mandala Accessories set a focal point in your outfit. The super soft and comfortable yoga pants are not only for the Asana's - but also cosy by doing nothing at home on the couch ...
And now? We Hope you enjoy your rummage in Mandala Fashion Online Shop - and hope you will be as enthusiastic about the Mandala Yoga clothing - just like us. Yogi up your life!