Vegan Fashion: Having Come To Stay

More and more, the production of clothing is being scrutinized under its ethical and ecological aspects. It is of unwavering importance that everyone involved in the production-chain should receive fair pay and work under humane labor conditions. In addition, the materials used should be as sustainable as possible and produced in an environmentally-friendly way. Increasingly, another important aspect is coming to light: animal suffering. We shall explain why Vegan Fashion not only benefits animals but also the environment, and how to spot Vegan Clothing.

Visible Signs Of Animal Origin

Fur, leather, eiderdown, wool, silk and et al are already for many an absolute no-go when shopping for clothes. Animals are often bred only for textile production and kept under poor conditions. Those who do not want to purchase products containing animal ingredients can relatively easy omit these and resort to alternative products. Unfortunately, many animal ingredients are difficult to identify. For example, jeans often have leather patches attached or buttons made out of horn or mother of pearl may have been applied on jackets and blouses. Here checking the label helps. The reference "contains non-textile parts of animal origin" indicates that the garment is not Vegan.

Animal Ingredients Are Not Always Identifiable

Unfortunately, even those who carefully check the clothes and read the label, cannot be sure if the garment is truly vegan. For also dyes, binders or adhesives often contain animal ingredients. These need not be pointed out, unfortunately, so that the consumer has no visible sign of a garment being completely vegan. If you want to play it safe, you should ask the manufacturer. If that is too time-consuming, you can get information from the Animal Welfare Organization PETA, who produce Vegan Fashion. They award a special "Approved Vegan" labelto Vegan Fashion manufacturers, making it immediately visible, if the clothes are vegan. Here you can find all information you need including the listing of those who offer vegan clothing.

Vegan - For The Sake Of The Environment

Not only the prevention of cruelty to animals is an important reason to switch to Vegan Fashion. Also, our environment should not be ignored. Keeping livestock contributes significantly to upsetting the CO2-balance. Especially cattle are detrimental for the environment, as the Methane gas emitted by them is much more harmful than Carbon Dioxide. Contrary to the widespread assumption of leather being a "waste product" of the meat industry, about 40% of cattle are bred purely for the leather industry.

MANDALA goes vegan

We also care about the welfare of animals and our environment, this is why, since Spring 2019, we have abstained from using Merino Wool. Our Yoga fashion has been completely vegan since then and we are proud to have been awarded the Approved Vegan Label by PETA. In this way, we can better emphasize our commitment to humanity, animals and our environment and assist consumers in making sustainable and ethical decisions when shopping for clothes. Animal-friendly Yoga pants and Yoga tops can be found on our Online Shop.