100% Natural: Such is the Sustainability of the Fabric made out of Castor Oil

It does not wrinkle nor does it exude an odor yet it is super sustainable: our innovative fabric has the substance of being 100% natural! In our Spring Collection for 2019, a new ultra-light and most comfortable material will play a star role: A fabric made out of castor oil. Sounds exciting? We find that also! Therefore, today in this blog post, we are informing you about what this fabric can be used for and why it is so special.

When we design our new collections, we are constantly on the look-out for improvements and new trends. An important part of our collection development is selecting our fabrics. For years, we have been relying on organic cotton, sustainable Tencel© and on cuddly Recycled Polyester as well. For our next spring collection, we have discovered something completely new for you: a super sustainable substance - the seed of the miracle plant castor.

What is so special about it? Due to the substance of the castor plant, it was possible for the first time to produce a bio-polyamide fabric that is 100% of plant origin and at the same time fulfills the latest technical requirements. Until now, only Polyamides produced from petroleum could deliver this convincing performance, but these natural materials have the one or other disadvantage of not being so flexible or fast-drying and of losing their original form sooner. Thanks to the new substance of castor oil, this has now been achieved!

To produce the new fabric, we work together with the Italian textile company  Brugnoli. The family business specializes in producing bio-based fabrics and they manufacture our fabric from bio-polyamides. For their production, Brugnoli uses the high-tech fiber Evo® from Fulgar. Mandala is the first Yoga label to offer AthleticWear originating from the castor bean plant.

Farbkarten von Stoff aus Rizinusöl

Why does this fabric delight us so? That can be easily explained:

A Fabric out of Castor oil: Look & Feel

A fabric made out of castor oil is ultra-light, actively breathable and besides that, it doesn’t even crease. It is very comfortable to wear and fits perfectly, thanks to its 4-Way-Stretch quality. With such a material, you are always well-dressed - it even adapts itself to your needs!

Castor Oil: Performance

Although made out of a renewable resource, our fabric is extremely robust and not prone to pilling, i.e. those annoying balls of fluff and knots that can appear on fabrics after being worn a number of times. Our material stays lovely, looking like new for a long time, even after repeated washings. Furthermore, the substance of castor oil is super stretchy and folds itself like a second skin around your body. Thanks to its fast-drying properties, it is the ideal fabric for functional- and sportswear. Most practical also for sport activities: its odor-neutralizing property prevents perspiration odors from not developing so easily. Another advantage is its temperature-regulating function which protects the body from sudden temperature fluctuations.

Cloth out of Castor Oil: Sustainability

As already mentioned, this innovative fabric is not produced from Polyamide based on petroleum, instead it comes from a 100% renewable resource – namely, from the oil of the seed of the castor tree. The production, according to the Brugnoli patented process, is particularly water-saving and environmentally friendly. It has no harmful impact on the food chain for humans or animals. The ecological production process also guarantees reduced CO2 emissions. Our material is certified according to the OEKO-TEX® STD100.



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