#Stayhome: How to Practice Yoga at Home

Regular Yoga practice has many advantages: It strengthens your immune system and ensures your physical and mental well-being as well as your inner balance. Furthermore, it also keeps you fit and prevents injuries. Especially during this current situation, Yoga is the ideal sport for at home, a little space is sufficient and you need no equipment. So you can easily practice Yoga at Home. We will show you the options for practicing Yoga at home and how it helps you.

Yoga at Home with Yoga Videos

You can practice Yoga at Home through various Yoga Portals and Yoga Online Studios. The best-known providers include  YogaEasy and Glo. Both have videos in unlimited numbers available for registered members. Members pay a small monthly fee for this service and can select videos for Yoga at Home out of a variety of Yoga styles, levels of difficulty plus instructors.

If you prefer practicing Yoga without charge, you can also find many high-quality Yoga videos on YouTube, for example,  Mady Morrison or Yoga With Adriene. Both offer videos with different time lengths for practicing Yoga at Home. Here, too, you can choose from varying Yoga styles. When choosing the right Yoga video, make sure that you can follow the explanations and understand how the Asanas are performed correctly.

Yoga at Home

Yoga at Home in Livestream

If you normally have been practicing in a Yoga studio, now many of them are offering their Yoga classes Online via Livestream. Some even make it possible for you to connect with the entire Yoga class, so you feel less isolated and the Yoga instructor can correct you and give tips, if necessary. We recommend all Yogis to participate in such online Yoga classes and to support their Yoga studio and Yoga instructor during this difficult time. The possibility of practicing Yoga at Home, just as in the Yoga Shala, is most important right now and a balm for body and mind giving you strength and positive energy.

Also, well-known Yoga instructors, such as Sinah DiepoldRanja Weis and Asta Caplan are offering online Yoga classes and Livestreams. If you not have the opportunity of practicing with them, you should definitely make use of this opportunity by practicing Yoga at Home together with their videos and Livestreams.

The Benefits of Yoga at Home

In addition to its well-known positive effects, Yoga at Home has also several other advantages: You can focus on yourself and concentrate on the Drishti (fixed point), instead of being distracted by what the others are doing. This enables you to experience a completely new access to your body, breath and mind. If you practice Yoga at Home together with the Yoga class via Livestream, you can connect with the other Yogis (you may even get to know one or the other, if you attend the Yoga class regularly) and you get a direct feedback also from the Yoga instructor about the meaning of the Asanas. By practicing Yoga at Home regularly, it will be easier for you to stick to the habit later on, and when you arrange for your own intensive Yoga session, you will contribute to strengthening your body and mind.

Slow Yoga at Hause

What You Need for Yoga at Home

The great thing about Yoga at Home is that you hardly need anything. A mat or a non-slip carpet will do. Your Yoga attire should be comfortable, elastic and not slip, if possible. You don't need a lot of space for Yoga at Home, so you can also practice in a small room. If you are still looking for suitable Yoga clothing, you will find a large assortment of Yoga TopsYoga bras and leggings on our Online Shop for your Yoga practice at home.