How To Find Your Perfect Yoga Pants

The selection of Yoga Pants meanwhile, has become enormous. Whether loose or tight, cropped or long, high-waist or medium-waist: everyone can find their right Yoga pants to wear. But how do you find the right pants? We have compiled the most important criteria for you to find the Yoga pants that should fit you perfectly.

Which Fabric Should I Choose For My Yoga Pants?

Important for choice of your Yoga pants is, of course, a comfortable fit. Yoga pants out of natural fibers, such as organic cotton or Tencel, feel particularly soft on the skin. Organic cotton also has excellent properties: it is breathable and elastic - ideal for Yoga leggings. Tencel convinces with its perfect moisture management as well as with its Quick Dry and 4-Way Stretch texture, making it just the right fabric for dynamic activities.

Of course, there is also the synthetic fiber Polyester, which is best for active wear due to its properties. Polyester Yoga pants are breathable, elastic and dry very quickly. When buying your Polyester Yoga pants, check if they are made from Recycled Polyester which spares burdening the environment.

An absolute novelty are Yoga leggings made out of Bio-Polyamide. This substance is not made from petroleum, but from the sustainable raw material of the castor oil plant. Its properties make it ideal for Yoga and all other sports. Among its other convincing properties, are its Shape Memory, Quick Dry, 4-Way Stretch and temperature control qualities. In addition, the production is particularly water-saving and CO2-reducing. There is no influence on the food chain of humans and animals.

How Do I Find The Right Cut For My Yoga Pants?

First of all, you should consider, if you prefer short or long Yoga pants. Should you wish to practice Yoga outdoors in the summer, a pair of short-cut pants, e.g. Yoga shorts, 3/4 or ankle- length trousers would be a good choice.

On the other hand, if you tend to feel cold quickly or want to cover your legs, you should opt for long Yoga pants.

The main question of questions pertaining to Yoga pants: loose pants tight Yoga leggings? Naturally, this is a matter of personal taste. We recommend wearing Yoga leggings for dynamic movements, because they provide a stronger hold and feel like a second skin. For quiet Yoga movements or for after Yoga class, wide Yoga pants are a trendy and casual choice. They are soft, play around your legs and can conceal problem areas.

It is also very important that the pants fit snugly - especially at the waistband. When buying, make sure that the waistband fits comfortably without cutting in. To prevent unwanted insights, we recommend high-waist Yoga leggings. These look especially stylish in combination with a Yoga bra. If you do not prefer a high-waistband, then medium-waist pants are the right choice for you. Especially those with the lovely details along the waistband, it would be a pity to completely cover them. In wide Yoga pants, the cuffs on the trouser legs should fit snugly so that the pants can not slip up.

What Else Should I look For When Buying My Yoga Pants?

Yoga Pants tend to be extensively stretched by your movements, especially Yoga leggings. Therefore, it is important that they are opaque in every position. At MANDALA, we carefully examine our fabrics for their opaque properties. If you want to be on the safe side, you should buy rather dark than light-colored Yoga leggings and maybe even choose them in one size larger. In this way, they are still tight-fitting, but are less stretched.

It is also important that you can have completely free movement. Your Yoga pants should not constrict or distract you with scratchy seams. Test them best when trying them on whether you have enough freedom of movement and, above all, if you feel comfortable allround in them.

Not a must, but absolutely important to us: sustainable materials and fair production. We want to try to leave as small a footprint on this earth as possible. Therefore, we use resource-saving materials that are produced as ecologically as possible. Fair wages and good working conditions in the production of our Yoga fashion are of great concern for us.

Ready to find your new Yoga pants? In our selection of Yoga pants, you will find various different shapes, colors and cuts.