MANDALA’s Leggings Recycle More Than 250.000 Plastic Bottles

It has long been known that plastic is becoming a growing problem for our environment, notably for our oceans. Especially packaging such as disposable tableware, plastic bags and plastic bottles often do not end up in the trash bin, but are thrown away carelessly to end up sooner or later in the ocean through the influence of wind or water. The result: Over time the plastic decomposes into smaller and smaller particles – the so-called microplastics – and is swallowed by sea creatures, such as fish and turtles giving them a painful death.

But not only the wrong disposal is the reason why plastic harms our environment. Since plastic is produced from fossil resources such as crude oil, a resource that will not be endlessly at our disposal, it is important to use plastic sparingly and to recycle it as much as possible.

Recycled Plastic Bottles

In Sportswear, Polyester plays an important role, thanks to its outstanding functionality: it is fast-drying, breathable and elastic. For us at MANDALA, we keep in mind to use our fossil resources as sparingly as possible in order to preserve our environment. This is why we have been successfully working with Repreve for several years already. Repreve recycles PET bottles into Polyester yarns - killing two birds with one stone: because fossil raw materials are used sparingly plus the recycling process provides the material when producing Polyester. In addition, pollution of the environment is contained, as old plastic bottles can be transformed into something useful when you do not throw them away carelessly.

Each of our recycled Polyester leggings consist of twelve plastic bottles. As a result, we have already processed more than 250,000 plastic bottles into high-quality Yoga leggings. This process protects the environment, as these bottles have not polluted nature and our Polyester did not use up extra valuable fossil raw material for its production.

Premium Active Wear made from Recycled Polyester