For The Environment: MANDALA Dispenses With Polybags

Despite the immense plastic problem, most garment manufacturers pack each clothing item into a so-called Polybag, a see-through plastic bag. In fact, these Polybags are used temporarily, for transporting and short storage, which is a huge waste of our oil resources.

We strive to produce our Yoga fashion as sustainably as possible. For us, this not only includes the manufacturing, production of fabrics and dyeing processes, but also the packaging of our product. After having done research on several environmentally-friendly alternatives for Polybags, we decided on rolling-up our clothing items by using paper banderoles from now on. With our first Polybag-free delivery, we already saved 28,000 Polybags that we did not use, the equivalent of 700 kg or 30,000 meters of plastic.

In addition to saving on plastic waste, this new type of packaging has several other advantages: The rolled-up clothing saves space, so more items can be packed into a shipping carton. Furthermore, the storage of rolled-up garments ensures that they even wrinkle less when kept in this way for a longer period of time. Also, the garbage bin is happy: The narrow bands of paper take up less space.

Our dealers and customers are reacting very positively as well to our switch to sustainable packaging. Here is an anonymous feedback concerning our paper banderoles:

"Actually, all sustainable brands should do the same and get away from the plastic. You have my complete support for this!"

"I think, it's great to have less packaging, since the Polybags end up in the yellow sack anyway."

"Gladly, for me always merchandise without plastic. I think this is fabulous !!! "

"Many thanks and once again, a great step forward indeed!"

"We are happy to support the reduction of plastic waste and more than satisfied with it. Great initiative."

"Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if all labels were packaged in this way !!!"

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