1 week yoga cruise: every Yogis dream come true

We have sent Klara - the winner of our Instagram contest - to a 1 week yoga cruise through the Mediterranean bays of Turkey. It was a week full of salty hair, meditation, positive vibes and team spirit. Read more about what Klara learned about herself and why she would recommend it to each and every of you! 

Stepping on the plane to Turkey there was so much excitement and nervousness and happiness inside of me, all at the same time. Being lucky enough to be part of this „Yoga Boat Cruise“ by Yesim Yuva Yoga and Mandala still fills my heart with gratitude. Literally everything about this 7 day retreat was special. Cruising the beautiful bays of turkey, Yoga and meditation sessions during sunrise and sunset every day, being able to jump into the crystal clear ocean any time we wanted, healthy fresh and abundant meals cooked with love and sweet little cabins to fall asleep to the rhythm of the sea after a long day. In short: every Yogis dream come true.

Yoga Cruise von Yesim Yuva

It’s safe to say that what made this experience the most special where the beautiful humans I was able to connect with during my time on the boat. Everyone shared their own story, lessons and life experiences. All the laughter, dancing, crying and endless talks on the sundeck truly filled my heart with love. Having such an amazing group of people to work through our 7 chakras with (one for every day of the week) and holding space for each other when emotions came up was very touching to witness. Even though we all went on this Yoga Retreat to connect to ourselves and deepen our practice, connecting to everything and everyone around us became our soul mission. Yoga truly isn’t just about the physical Asana practice. It’s about listening to your body and your mind, to slow down when you need rest, to breathe through the tough times, to share and be present with others and to always be open to learn and grow. I gained so much knowledge in Pranayama (breathwork), meditation techniques, alignment, the chakra system, foundations to arm balances and what it means to truly be a student for life.

Yoga Cruise von Yesim Yuva

Because that is what Yoga is to me: a never ending journey. There is no finish line. It’s the embodiment of „the path is the true destination“. If you feel called to deepen your connection to yourself, like minded souls, your inner world and do some healing work as well please take this opportunity. A week of growth, laughter, sweat, salty hair, emotions, stillness and spirituality came to an end way too fast. I can’t wait for my next retreat and I hope you feel inspired to join next year, too.

Yesim und Klara - Yoga Cruise

More about Klara 

The 24 years old student living in Gießen is into yoga since she has been 16. She started her yoga journey when she felt quite bad and was looking for something to help her finding herself and her inner light. Today, Yoga still is due to movement, breath and meditation her way to spirituality and mindfulness. Her favorite moments are the little things: drinking some hot coffee in the morning with her favorite people, talking to friends and strangers, watching the sun shining through leaves, writing poems or dancing on her yoga mat. That's why she would love to become a yoga teacher to share her experiences with as many people as possible and is sharing them already on Instagram. She believes in supporting each other and learning from each other and that this will make a difference to the world. 

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Picture: Yesim Yuva on the left, Klara on the right