Fair & nachhaltig: Besuche unsere Produktion in der Türkei

Fair & sustainable: Visit our fair fashion production in Turkey

We would like to show you where the cotton for our collection originates, with which machines the fabric is woven, how the big bales of fabric are dyed and, of course, last but not least, the hands of those who produce our Yoga leggings, tops and bras. Come with us to Turkey and visit our fair fashion production!

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4 Tipps für mehr Selfcare

How to self care - 4 tips from yoga teacher Ranja

Taking care of yourself is the fundament for a balanced daily routine and inner harmony. Yogini and Yin Yoga teacher Ranja Weis tells us why it is important to listen to yourself and your body and how selfcare works in a particularly simple way - especially in those cold and dark fall months. 

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Alle fürs Klima – MANDALA beim Klimastreik in München

All For Climate - MANDALA At The Climate Strike In Munich

Friday, September 20, 2019, was the day for our entire MANDALA team "for protesting instead of working". All of us took part in the climate civil protest movement at the Königsplatz in Munich. The aim of the civil protest was to show our solidarity with the students of the "Fridays for Future" movement.

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Für die Umwelt: MANDALA verzichtet auf Polybags

For The Environment: MANDALA Dispenses With Polybags

Wir bemühen wir uns, unsere Yogamode möglichst nachhaltig zu produzieren. Dazu gehört für uns auch die Verpackung. Nach einiger Recherche nach einer umweltfreundlichen Alternative zu Polybags haben wir uns dazu entschlossen, unsere Kleidungsstücke künftig gerollt in Papierbanderolen zu verpacken.
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Tipps für einen nachhaltigeren Yoga Lebensstil

Tips For A More Sustainable Yoga Lifestyle

Special gratitude is attributed to Greta Thunberg and the Fridays for Future movement for sustainability increasingly having come into focus with more and more persons trying out in how to adapt to an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Even small changes can make a difference. Therefore, we would to make a few suggestions, how you can also live more sustainably through Yoga. 

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1 Woche Yoga Cruise: der wahr gewordene Traum eines jeden Yogi

1 week yoga cruise: every Yogis dream come true

We have sent Klara to a 1 week yoga cruise through the Mediterranean bays of Turkey. It was a week full of salty hair, meditation, positive vibes and team spirit. Read more about what Klara learned about herself and why she would recommend it to each and every of you! 

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„Mode ist eine feministische Angelegenheit“ – Kolumne von dariadaria

"fashion is a feminine matter" – dariadaria about feminism vs. fashion

"Every 5 Euro T-shirt is a vote against women's substantial rights" – activist and eco influencer dariadaria (Madeleine Alizadeh) about feminism versus fashion. Read more! 

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Über die Bedeutung von Prana

About the Meaning of Prana

In this blog post, Ranja Weis, MANDALA Testimonial, deals with the meaning of Prana, life’s energy and how we can get life energy by Pranayama.

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Tencel vs. Bio-Baumwolle: was ist besser?

Tencel vs. Organic Cotton: Which is Better?

Many still think that cotton is more sustainable than Tencel. Some even consider Tencel to be a synthetic material, being made out of natural Beech or Eucalyptus wood. We would like to explain why Tencel is not only a high performance fabric, but also totally ecological.

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Vegane Mode: Gekommen um zu bleiben

Vegan Fashion: Having Come To Stay

More and more, the production of clothing is being scrutinized under its ethical and ecological aspects. Increasingly, another important aspect is coming to light: animal suffering. We shall explain why Vegan Fashion not only benefits animals but also the environment, and how to spot Vegan Clothing. 

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"We only have one life" – about busy times & how to find calm

Mindfulness and centering, above all, are a great challenge, especially in today's world. Although well-known to everyone, it is not always possible to successfully overcome one‘s daily bustle. In her column, MANDALA Testimonial and Yin Yoga teacher Ranja Weis explains why and how Yoga and meditation can contribute to enjoying life to its fullest.

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So findest du deine perfekte Yogahose

How To Find Your Perfect Yoga Pants

The selection of Yoga Pants meanwhile, has become enormous. Whether loose or tight, cropped or long, high-waist or medium-waist: everyone can find their right Yoga pants to wear. But how do you find the right pants? We have compiled the most important criteria for you to find the Yoga pants that should fit you perfectly.
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Size Chart
Mandala Size (German) Inch Chest (cm) Waist (cm) Hip (cm)
XS 34 26 78 - 81 62 - 65 88 -91
S 36 27 / 28 82 - 85 66 - 69 92 - 95
M 38 29 86 - 89 70 - 73 96 - 98
L 40 30 90 - 93 74 - 77 99 - 101
XL 42 31 94 - 97 78 - 81 102 - 104
How to measure your body