„Mode ist eine feministische Angelegenheit“ – Kolumne von dariadaria

"fashion is a feminine matter" – dariadaria about feminism vs. fashion

"Every 5 Euro T-shirt is a vote against women's substantial rights" – activist and eco influencer dariadaria (Madeleine Alizadeh) about feminism versus fashion. Read more! 

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Über die Bedeutung von Prana

About the Meaning of Prana

In this blog post, Ranja Weis, MANDALA Testimonial, deals with the meaning of Prana, life’s energy and how we can get life energy by Pranayama.

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Tencel vs. Bio-Baumwolle: was ist besser?

Tencel vs. Organic Cotton: Which is Better?

Many still think that cotton is more sustainable than Tencel. Some even consider Tencel to be a synthetic material, being made out of natural Beech or Eucalyptus wood. We would like to explain why Tencel is not only a high performance fabric, but also totally ecological.

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Vegane Mode: Gekommen um zu bleiben

Vegan Fashion: Having Come To Stay

More and more, the production of clothing is being scrutinized under its ethical and ecological aspects. Increasingly, another important aspect is coming to light: animal suffering. We shall explain why Vegan Fashion not only benefits animals but also the environment, and how to spot Vegan Clothing. 

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"We only have one life" – about busy times & how to find calm

Mindfulness and centering, above all, are a great challenge, especially in today's world. Although well-known to everyone, it is not always possible to successfully overcome one‘s daily bustle. In her column, MANDALA Testimonial and Yin Yoga teacher Ranja Weis explains why and how Yoga and meditation can contribute to enjoying life to its fullest.

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So findest du deine perfekte Yogahose

How To Find Your Perfect Yoga Pants

The selection of Yoga Pants meanwhile, has become enormous. Whether loose or tight, cropped or long, high-waist or medium-waist: everyone can find their right Yoga pants to wear. But how do you find the right pants? We have compiled the most important criteria for you to find the Yoga pants that should fit you perfectly.
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Erste Stimmen zu unserer Yogamode aus Bio-Based Polyamid

First Voices About Yoga Fashion Out Of Bio-Based Polyamide

Finally the time has arrived! The first pants and tops made out of Bio-Based Polyamide are available on our online shop. Several Influencers have already been allowed to test our new substance out of castor oil. Of course, we want to share their opinions with you.

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dariadaria im Interview:

Eco blogger dariadaria: "We have only 12 years left"

Can Slow Fashion make any difference? Eco blogger Maddia alias 'dariadaria' about why and how all of us can make a tribute to a real change in the textile industry and why this is SO important! 

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Yin Yoga und Gefühle

Yin Yoga und Gefühle

Yin Yoga is different in many ways from other Yoga paths. One outstanding feature of Yin Yoga is that it creates a space of experiencing one's own emotional world.

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MANDALA Leggings recyceln über 250.000 Plastikflaschen

MANDALA’s Leggings Recycle More Than 250.000 Plastic Bottles

Each of our recycled Polyester leggings consist of twelve plastic bottles. As a result, we have already processed more than 250,000 plastic bottles into high-quality Yoga leggings. This process protects the environment.

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Yoga in Town: Unsere Lieblings-Yogastudios in München, Berlin, Köln und Frankfurt

Yoga in Town: Our Favorite Yoga Studios in Munich, Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt

Finding the right Yoga studio in a big city is not that simple. This is why we would like to introduce you to our favorite Yoga studios in Munich, Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt and to inform you why we like each of these Yoga studios so much.

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Unsere Autorin Ranja Weis über die wirkliche Bedeutung von Meditation beim Yoga

Our author Ranja Weis about the real significance of meditation and Yoga

Viele verbinden Yoga heute mit Akrobatik, dabei rücken andere Aspekte wie Spiritualität und Achtsamkeit in den Hintergrund. Für MANDALA Testimonial Ranja haben aber auch diese Bestandteile des Yoga einen hohen Stellenwert.
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M 38 29 86 - 89 70 - 73 96 - 98
L 40 30 90 - 93 74 - 77 99 - 101
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